Plant-Based Approach for Menopause Symptoms

A study completed by researchers at the University of Alberta found many reasons why perimenopausal and postmenopausal women have tried cannabis. Of nearly 500 participants, 75% stated it was for medical purposes. These women tried cannabis for sleep issues, stress, muscle and joint pain, irritability, and sadness. Out of the participants who tried cannabis, three-quarters stated they saw improvement in their symptoms.

Research in cannabis and menopause is still in the early stages, but studies like the one mentioned above are already showing promising results for menopause symptom management using cannabis. If you’re considering using cannabis to manage your menopause symptoms, discuss it with your doctor or a licensed dispensary to ensure you’re using the proper dosage and type to address your symptoms.


Cannabis is known to help relax the body and can have sedative effects, making it a potential solution to aid in difficulty sleeping. There are many reasons why getting a restful night’s sleep can be difficult during menopause, but cannabis may offer a solution to these issues. Revelry Night Capsules use THC and CBD to help promote a restful night’s sleep.


Stress levels are often higher in women during menopause. The relaxing effects of cannabis on both the mind and body have been shown to reduce stress levels in some users.

Muscle and Joint Ache Relief

Achy muscles and joints are common issues that some women experience during menopause. Cannabis can help numb pain and relax sore muscles, making it a great pain management option during menopause.


Cannabis is well-known for mood elevation, helping you to relax. Cannabis may help you feel a sense of calm even when menopause is trying to get you down.

At Revelry, we offer discreet, low-calorie, and 100% hormone-free capsules that work effectively on their own or as a part of any homeopathic or medical menopause treatment regimen. We offer both day and night capsules to help you stay alert during the day and get a fantastic night’s sleep.

If you’re interested in trying Revelry, contact us to learn more or find a licensed dispensary near you. At Revelry, we want to help legends like you keep it moving.



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