I’ve always embraced the physical changes in my body

I’ve always embraced the physical changes in my body as I aged. And as I entered my 50’s it became a little more challenging as I started to feel the onset of menopause. I was a hot and sweaty lunatic. I felt that all I had to look forward to was ten years of hell followed by death. My fatigue, irritability and anxiety grew; the hot flashes were so uncomfortable, and insomnia set in.

I told my doctor that I wanted to avoid any hormone replacement therapy and chose the natural path of treatment with Revelry. Before Revelry, I tried all the OTC products like Estroven, Amberen, etc. and it really was just a temporary band-aid. With Revelry I felt the difference. I have ZERO hot flashes, I’m a lot less irritable (I don’t feel like tearing my husband’s head off ) and I’m actually sleeping through the night (snoring!). I can’t say enough wonderful things about Revelry.

Instead of looking at menopause as this ugly, sad transition in my life leaving me with a mustache and stealing my memory, I find myself looking forward to the most confident, sexiest, creative chapter of my life.

Sandra G.

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